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31 Dec 2001
Thanks to Edwin von Bowen from XS4ALL for many mainboard ID's and descriptions.
ATI Radeon Mobility, Alliance Semi AT3D, ALi M1647 C1, Micron MT8LLN21PADF-A1 MT8LLN22NCNE-A1
nVIDIA nForce MCP NV17m w/ SDRAM, Ninja CATS-3 D82712GJ101 D9065GC-001, NatSemi PC97317
VIA P4M266 P4X266A, Marvell 88E3081-RAF
Published first 50 pictures of CPU collection
21 Dec 2001
agere MS410B FW323-05, ATI bridge 218B41ASA12, National Geode CS5530A CS9211, Highpoint HPT372A HPT374
Winbond W83783, intel FW82830MP, ICS 950202CF, AMD AMD-768AC B1, Conexant RP56/SP L2800-38
Panasonic MN16351366A MN112???F4 MB577533MP, Pulse H1088, VIA VT8601T VT8233C 3COM, Xilinx XS250
Hitachi GH-DSP, Winbond W83L518Q, SiS 650 A1, Realtek RTL8100, Promise PST100X6 PDC20269
10 Dec 2001
Last major update before PLASMA online V2.0 will be online. Transition might take a month so NO online help until February.
Then most pages are redesigned in PHP3 with new database in the back. Old pages will still be available.

AvanceLogic ALC201A, Aralion ARS106S, ATI A3, Brooktree Bt829BKRF, NEC D64083GF, Philips SAA7130HL
Xilinx XCS536XL, OKI SB1V04160-25, Altera ACEX EPIX100FC255, TsengLabs ET6000, ALi M1511 M1512 M1513
CMD PCI-0646, SMC FDC37C935, nVIDIA GeForce 2 Ti, GeForce 3Ti500
Added 'FCC ID vendor code section' to identify by serial number
17 Nov 2001
Level One LXT905, PCChips VXPro PC82C437VX PC82C371USB PC82C428VX, 3COM AD1807JS, Macronix MX86251
3dfx 355-0024-030 500-0005-004, 8x8 Audacity 8x84006AKCB, adaptec AIC-7889W, Avance Logic ALG2228.A, ESS ES1948F
S3 86C617 Sonic Vibes, NEC PowerVR
27 Oct 2001
ATI Radeon 7500 8500, SUNTAC GS027BP, Trident ProVidia9685, Philips NE5532N
Updated CPU and chipset roadmaps
17 Oct 2001
Analog Devices ADV7123, ADMtek ADM8511, Acard ATP865-A, Thesys TH2027, Siemens PSB2186, 3COM 40-0196, S3 86C964-P
Brooktree Bt485, AVM Felix II, Infineon PSB3186F, Micronas MSP3415, Philips SAA7134HL, Highpoint HPT370A HPT372, VIA KT266A
Tundra CA91C142B, Winbond W83C553F-G, Mercury 14020, Zilog, Crystal CS4294, C-Media 9738, qlogic ISP10160A
Trident TGUI9400CXi TVGA8800CS 8900C 9000B 9440AGi 3Dimage975, ITEX i90388E, C-Cube iDVx
'identify by Plug and Play [PnP] ID' published
12 Oct 2001
General Semiconductor GFB70N03, Marvell 88E1000
Major update in 'identify manufacturer by logo on chip' section.
25 Sep 2001
Major update. Added many new pictures and references:
intel S321150BC, Avance Logic ALS4000, Rockwell RH5D/SP-PCI, AMD AMD645 AMD768 AM79C984JC, CMedia CMI8738/PCI-SX
SEEQ N038C92C, Bel Fuse S553-3873-19, ICS 94201DF, Pulse H1155, Analog Devices ADSP-2181, NEC Ranger 61483-001
AMI 9526NCX, Motorola SC415016AFU, ST Micro 61280-002 61494-001, Infineon PEF 22822, Pulse B4015 B4017 B4031 B4032
Acer Labs M1671 A0 M1487 B1 M1489 A1, Matrox IS-MGA-2064W-R2, Rockwell RCVDL56ACF/SP RCVDL56ACF
Oak OTI64111, ODIN OEC12C887A, MoSys MD909 MG802, VIA VT8365 VT82C595 VT82C694T, Trident 3DImage9850, SiL ???
LSI SYM13FW500, StreamMachine SM2210 SM2288, SiS 301 645 961 85C496 85C497, Winbond W83C42, Brooktree Bt445
S3 86C357 86C362, Dallas DS12B887, HMC HM86508IQ, UMC UM8660F, nVIDIA nforce IGP128 MCP-D, Realtek RTL8100L
C-Cube DVxpress MX, Matrox MGA-G400A-F, qlogic ZIRCON, Xilinx XC4010, IDT 7133 73200 7216L20J 74FCT, Altera M7032 M7100
Texas Instruments TMX320C31PQL, Yamaha YMF719

Thanks to Laszlo Melis [Agis ©] for providing information on intel SB82437JX found in IBM PC750.
14 Sep 2001
AMD 766 A2 and B stepping, Princeton PT2225, TI PCI1420PDV, Crystal CS4297A, Creative CA0100 Audigy, Winbond SMART I/O
ITE IT8708F-A, Lucent 1675T28, Creative EMU10K1-NEF, Rockwell RCDSVD, RCVDL56ACF/SVD, Matrox MGA-G550-B
Pulse H1138, intel i82550GY
24 Aug 2001
The horror became reality. Someone changed my index.html and so all Scripts ran into a black hole...
Without notification on my mobile I'd never realized that before Monday, August 27th. Grrrrr... As password and other things
are unchanged I believe this to be failure of my provider. That would be the second major one within last 4 months.
15 Aug 2001
Avance Logic ALS200, Serverworks IB6566 rev 05, NEC VR5000 D30500RJ D93650S1 PowerVR, SMC LPC478272, ESS ES1869F
Adaptec AIC-7899W, Aralion UDMA100
Updated intel, SiS and ATI roadmaps.
06 Aug 2001
Back again. Brooktree Bt860KRF added.
25 Jul 2001
Next week will see no update as I'm on holiday. You can send requests but these won't get answered before Aug 8th 2001.
Added many new chip pictures like:
AMD AM27C256, AvaSem AV9155, HMC HM6818 HM83450 HM83451, Texas Instruments TSB12LV23 TSB41LV02A
intel E28F002 N8032AH, ITE IT8702F, UMC UM70C171 UM82C11 UM82450, Winbond W24M257, In-system Design ISD300A
Lucent USS344S, NEC Digital Broadcast SenseQ, SiS 635T
17 Jul 2001
Acer Labs M1523, Sharp LH5254 LR38522, Philips 74HCT373D, Pulse H1012, Atmel AT49BV512
S3 86C375 86C732-P, Winbond W83877TF, Siemens PSB21525, Yamaha YMF262-M
MediaVision MVD1208, HiNT CS8005, intel N82231 N82230 N82335, ZEN Research L5A9286
VIA VT8362 VT6306, Sandisk SDTB-128 29-00024-1
Added new roadmaps for intel.
Average site access (sessions) up to 2500 per day.
11 Jul 2001
Xilinx XCS40XL, XC2S100
03 Jul 2001
Crystal CS4624, intel FW82815EP, nVIDIA RIVA 128ZX, Quadro2MXR, VIA VT8605 ES
25 Jun 2001
Western Digital WD9710, VIA VT8363A 1EA0 / 2EA0 step, P4X266, nVIDIA Crush 12 (IGP), MCP
HMC HM8388P, HM83741Q, Chrontel CH7002D, Alliance Semi AT25, Chips&Tech F82C235, ICS ICS5342J
HiNT HB1 PCI-PCI bridge, Macronix MX8602MC, MX86000FC, SARC RC2015, Motorola M65417
Texas Instruments F642208, F648418, TNETE100, SiS 735, S3 86E380 Twister, Sony CXD2938, CMD 649
New specs for IBM Gekko and ArtX Flipper
Check on Lycos, Yahoo and AltaVista shows PLASMA online at number #1 with 'identify chip' !
18 Jun 2001
3ware 200-0016-01, 200-0017-00, intel GC50960RS100, Xilinx XC95144XL, Altera ACEX
Panasonic MN85560, Philips SAA7114H, intel FW82468GX, FW82806AA, FW82845, Fortemedia FM801AU
Altera Max7120, STG4500 Kyro II
05 Jun 2001
3DO chips added. Thanks to Hilbert Hagedorn of
11 May 2001
Statistics for web access are back to normal. Last days with 1500 sessions per day.
G2 GC101 GC102 GC113, Winbond W81394R, nVIDIA GeForce 2MX 200 final added.
04 May 2001
Acard ATP870IU-c, Adaptec AIC-7856F, C-Cube AViA MDX, Domex 639U, ICS 9248AF-114
initio INIC-940P, Jungsoft PCIJ52002, LSI Symbios 53C875E 53C860, SGS ST7537HS1
Tekram TRM-S1040, Winbond W27E512, Acer M1542 A1, GlobeSpan iVAC12, nVidia geFORCE 3
intel i860, VIA VT8233C
Some new roadmaps added.
26 Apr 2001
Resubmitted site last days to all major search engines. Looks like Google kicked most of the pages due to the temporary unavailability. First reactions: Back in Yahoo directory and Altavista.
FCC ID page recreated to implement script changes.
Replaced misleading ID naming in navigation bar. New search category ID by type is available and will be successor of former ID by manufacturer. ID by manufacturer isn't 'under construction' anymore.
21 Apr 2001
SanDisk SDTB-128, SMC FDC37C665 FDC37C669, VIA VT8653
ALi M6117B M6177C, Macronix MX0681LUC MX29F100T/C
SEGA Potato
17 Apr 2001
Free fall of web server accesses has stopped. Looks stable at 140-170 visitors per day. I hope it will rise again the next weeks as before.
intel i21152, AdvanSys ASC3050B, CMD CMD0670B, Promise PDC20268 & PDC20270, IDT 79R3041
SiliconImage Sil164CT64, VIA VT8601A
UMC UM82C863 & UM82C865, VLSI VL82C331 [thanks Mike :-)]
12 Apr 2001
intel Brookdale 82104, S82423TX, S82424ZX, i21143, i21154
CMedia CMI8738 MX, Labway Corp, Conexant Fusion878A, GeForce 2 MX 200 / 400, HiNT HB1-SE33
Silicon Motion Lynx3DM4, ALi M1429, M1431, M1651 ALADDiN Pro5
NEC D720100, D72870 USB controller, OPTi 82C861 Firelink, Cypress CY37192
Apple Airport device including AMD SC400 & PCnet ISA II (AM79C961AKC)
NatSemi DP83820, DP83861 Gbit Ethernet, Atmel AT49LV001NT, Conexant CX25871
Sony CXD8606BQ, CXP1010064, CXP102064 all from Playstation 2
Microchip 12C508/P, ATI Radeon VE, Rockwell RCV334, STAC9708
S3 SuperSavage MX 128, Savage MX 86E290
SiS 305, 315, 6326, 633, 635, 733
VIA VT8633, SST 39SF020. IC works W167, W311, W40S11
Winbond W99200F, W83697HF, W29C020
New revisions of ServerWorks chipsets
New HP, intel and AMD roadmaps added
10 Apr 2001
Problems with my provider are larger than expected. Web server is up again but access time is horrible...
Search engines have downgraded my rating extremely. Last week of March nearly 1400 visitors per day, first week of April only 700 per day and falling. Last results show poor 200 a day... I hate that.
Anyway. Here are artwork pictures by chip designers which they printed on the chip die itself.
Many new pictures. intel, ALi, SiS, 3Com, Broadcom and many more.
02 Apr 2001
Massive server problems last three days. Provider had file server break down and no recovery concept !
Should be fixed by April 01. Many mainboards added including BIOS ID and short description of board layout.
Micron Copperhead, nVIDIA GeForce 3 and much more added.
CeBIT news are always good news. So I got many new pictures and infos.
16 Mar 2001
Last update before my next week in the US. Philadelphia, New York and Washington. For this time online help will not be available.
08 Feb 2001
One week in the snow. And although I wrote on the help page that no help will be available I received many requests. All will be answered as soon as I'm back.
First layouts for ASP are ready. Database will be filled the next months. I hope migration won't take long.
25 Jan 2001
Thanks to Mike from IC Book ! Received many chip pictures.
And sure Mike: You'll get the mug of beer !
14 Jan 2001
My job consumes a larger amount of myself than normally...
So I did only a few updates.
05 Jan 2001
Added some banner programs for testing purposes. See about section.
01 Jan 2001