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Site news for 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

31 Dec 2000
A year ends. And a new starts in some hours. This was such a successful year, I won't believe myself.
7604 visitors in December ! If someone had told me this some time ago I'd called him crazy.

Many info's added. Also more than 50 pics. I still don't provide drivers for the hardware, but on request I'll send the links. Drivers may come in the late 2001. First is the migration to ASP.
07 Dec 2000
On Monday the Frame solution for all pages on PLASMA will be available. ASP scheduled for February or later. Sorry...
Update on Nintendo Dolphin. Pictures added for ATI 'Flipper' and IBM 'Gecko'.
30 Nov 2000
Last statistics for the website look great. Google, Lycos and Altavista are linking to PLASMA. Hits more than doubled every month.
20 Nov 2000
Back from holiday. And so many news in the mailbox !
Pentium 4 is out, Alteon was sold to 3Com by Nortel, nVidia released new specs for the next chips.
Mobile GeForce2 released.
Quantum sold most divisions and is now only a tape drive manufacturer.
Seagate will equip the coming XBox with harddisks.
SGS Thomson / NEC PowerVR 3 'Kyro' added.
01 Nov 2000
Happy birthday PLASMA !!!
And the promised present is available: !!!
30 Sep 2000
I'm going on vacation to the US west coast and Spain for the next weeks. Will be back in the mid of November.
So there'll be no updates in the next time.
Oh. Did I mention it ? As a birthday present for my site I'll open on 01. Nov 2000 !!!
14 Sep 2000
PCI ID section complete (refer to list of sources, so still growing)
Some enhancements on the Guided Tour.
Registry settings rescheduled for October or November.
Now working on identify by picture section.
Hopefully next year migrating to ASP and hardware database. Still defining database structure.
29 Aug 2000
PCI ID section nearly complete
much more pictures added
some additional help topics
Registry settings to come in September with all settings available as policy file too ( POL ADM )
Picture of Sony Playstation 2.
16 Aug 2000
Did so much updates I can't sum it all...
Most work done on the PCI ID section (identify by serial).
On the fly updating FCC ID grantee codes.
Hope to get through the whole PCI ID in August.
31 Jul 2000
SiS 85C206
Contaq 82C596
Oak Technologies OTI-037C
Headland GC102, GC113, HT101
initio updated
17 Jul 2000
S3 Savage4 GT added 86C395
nVidia Vanta LT added
3dfx Voodoo Banshee added 500-0013-003
Phoenix BIOS section enhanced
Two AMD roadmaps added
Transmeta roadmaps added
10 Jul 2000
SGS Thomson STG1703 picture added
Tseng Labs ET4000W32P picture added
Texas Instruments TVP3026 DAC picture added
intel 450KX pictures added S82451KX S82452KX S82453KX S82454KX
3COM 40-0130-003 Parallel Tasking added
SMC Elite Ultra 83C790 picture added
NCR Attachmate added
Winbond W86C450 W86C451 W86C456 W83627 W83781 W83977 W29C020 added
National Semiconductor LM79 added
Lucky Goldstar LGS Prime 2, Prime 2C, GM16C450
Realtek RTM520-39
06 Jul 2000
Mainboard equipment section opened
nVidia graphic chipsets updated (NV3, NV4, NV5, NVA0, NVVANTA, NVM64, NVULTRA, NV10 DDR GL, NV15 DDR GL BR, NV20)
Intel Willamette-479 now codenamed 'Prescott'
Crystal Semi audio chipsets updated
ST Micro M28C64C
NeoMagic MagicGraph 256AV NM2200C
National Semiconductor Super I/O: PC87317, PC87306, PC87307, PC87332
SMC FDC37C651, FDC37C669, FDC37C673
03 Jul 2000
SiS 630E, 630S, 730S
intel ICH0, ICH, ICH2, i815 including pre steppings
intel Tehama MTH
CMD 643, 648,
ATI Rage Mobility
ALi M1543C A0, M1632M
UMC UM8881F, UM8886E, UM8004F
VIA 8605, 8363
Adaptec 7899W 'Crossbow'
nVidia GeForce 2 MX (NV11)
16 Jun 2000
Some more CPU roadmaps
CPU section redesign delayed (maybe I'll get it done in August)
Duron & Thunderbird marking & reference
rise iDragon, SCX501
Transmeta Crusoe 3300, 3400, 5400, 5600, 5800
many chip pictures added

BIOS identification updated and enhanced
added some more mainboards
Hong Kong Technology HK3000 chipset
DEC chipsets added (Pyxis, ...)
30 May 2000

Network chipset section open
VIA 82C694Z, ServerWorks LE3, Motorola CS3201, EagleMax TX APG Pro
ALi M1563 M1535D+
ALi M1657 M1651 M1648 M1647 M1644 M1642 M1641B
IBM 90X9841 23F9177 27F4620 23F8566
intel ICH B-step
SiS 5595 5591
OKI 129382 148020 148107
Highpoint HPT370
Update on intel 82850 (Tehama), 82860 (Colusa) and 82870


12 May 2000
Pictures added: Cyrix5530, intel TX, 805
Sun CPU roadmap available
09 May 2000
Some cosmetic changes to many pages
New icons in the navigation frame, FAVICON.ICO added
Worldwide news updated
Major CPU manufacturer roadmaps added (intel, AMD, rise)
Altera chips added
Alliance Semiconductor updated
More company fusion & sales added
Network chipset section to be opened next week
CPU section scheduled for redesign
04 May 2000
Cirrus graphic chipsets added
Ninja NJ32UDE added
Some PLL of ICS
Highpoint HPT366 added
03 May 2000
Got it ! Drive controller section (former SCSI section) opened.
Future Domain, Symbios, Adaptec, Promise, Initio and Highpoint added

02 May 2000
Conexant 868 added
S3 graphic chipsets reorged
Chrontel 10038 added
intel i820 and i815 (pre-release) added
Micron Samurai 64M2 picture added

30 Apr 2000

AMD Duron
intel chipsets + mainboards updated
Samsung, Siemens & NEC RAM chip markings added
nVidia GeForce 2 GTS picture added


28 Apr 2000
ATI Rage6 'Radeon 256' updated
SiS chipsets added: 730, 730, 640
AMD chipsets added: AMD 757, 761
Matrox G450 and G800 added
AMD mobile K7 'Corvette' added
26 Apr 2000
Added: OPTi F82C206, 82C392, 82C391B
Added: Siemens SAB 82C206-N
Added: Chips&Technologies P82A203
ALi (Acer Labs) chipset section updated
VIA chipsets updated PM266H, FX266M, FX266H, KM133
ServerWorks chipsets added
18 Apr 2000
Did some 'cosmetic' changes on many pages
Added harddisk part numbers
intel ICH rev A/B explained
07 Apr 2000
ATI Rage6, nVidia GeForce2 GTS "NV15", 3dfx Voodoo 5500 specs added
AMD K7 marking updated for 1GHz
26 Mar 2000
Many pictures added (Headland, intel, S3, Matrox...)
19 Mar 2000
Worked hard this weekend. Got nine old 286 / 386 boards and made pictures.
LSI (Headland), UMC, Chips&Technologies and SiS pictures added.
Some Adaptec chips added. But SCSI section is still closed.
First pages in new design uploaded (see ATI graphic chipset for reference)
Guide section enhanced to show pictures of expansion card connectors.
16 Mar 2000
Audio chipset section opened
Many audio chipset pictures added
Update in the CPU section
01 Mar 2000
AMD chipset & CPU update
Brooktree chip pictures added
Got pictures of Olicom network chips, soon to be added
25 Feb 2000
Worldwide news section opened
Major update in the upgrade section
24 Feb 2000
Compaq chipsets added
Harddisk manufacturer section opened
23 Feb 2000
Update on FCC ID section
Motherboard manufacturer links update
Serial number search activated
22 Feb 2000
Search function activated. Thanks to
Headland & LSI HT342, HT321
OPTi 82C802, 82C602, 82C611
list of old boards which can use K6-2 & K6-III
TurboPLL and SoftFSB explained
Search by OUI number (network interface card) added
IBM MPC & 68xxx CPU naming explained
almanach buses: slot pictures added
CFG, ADF and DDC list
almanach socket: update
01 Feb 2000
Transmeta Crusoe TM3120, TM5400 added
news section added