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01 Jan 2003
Happy New Year !
PLASMA online now finally migrates to it's new design. No more updates on old pages (black background layout).
24 Dec 2002
Merry Christmas to all people.
04 Dec 2002
ICS 93722BF 94230BF 93738AF, Analog Devices AD1980 XST, Creative Labs CA0102-IAT Audigy2
CMedia CMI9739A
31 Oct 2002
intel FW82801CA, Sigmatel STAC9767T, muRata DFC21R57P002HHA
Thanks to Robert for TheRef 4.3 (F. Robert Falbo / 38 Northwinds Manor / Rome, NY USA 13440-7314)
14 Oct 2002
Acard ARC765-E, Delta LF9203, VIA KT333 rev CF / P4X600, intel RC82545EM, SMC 83C172ABQF
Tamarack TC5299J TC6216M TC9020 TC9021 TC9021A TC9204M
01 Oct 2002
3COM 40-0763-001, Afavlab Cyber 8000, Adaptec AIC-7902W, Broadcom BCM5702WKFB BCM5404TKTB
Bothhand FS2015, eNOVA X-Wall SE-64, intel FW82546EB, Digital 21152-AA, intel RG82845PE
Intersil HIP6016CB, NEC D62011GD, nVIDIA geFORCE 4 MX 440-8X, nV DAC64, Promise PDC20375
Panasonic MN103S42F AN22110A, Rendition Verite V1000-E
30 Sep 2002
ASUS AS0075, ATI R300 Pro FireGL, Lattice M4A3-64/32 A3-64/32, Altera EP20K400CB652C7
Philips SAA7102H SAA7115HL VT22030A, Silicon Image SiI150ACT100, nVIDIA MCP2 H vA2, NVSGP
TI PCI2250PCM, Xilinx XC2S150, Motorola XPCS505RZ1S05, Emulex FAS101, LSI L64853AGC-25
RICOH RL5c475E, Realtek RTL8100B RTL8100BL RTL8801 RTM360-110R, Trident XP4 T1
TriMedia PTM1300 PTM1000, MCT Inc MVM121A, VLSI Philips VY21983A, VIA Pro266T
S3 86E600 86C298 86C397 SavageXP, SiS HT7961 A2, R658, 645DX, 648, 650GX, 740, 755
SiS 85C401, 85C402, 961 B0, 962, 962L, 963, Analog Devices AD1845JP
19 Sep 2002
Bitboys Axe, Creative Labs CTM6105 CTM6106 CTM6107 CTM6108 CTM6109, Broadcom BCM4401KFB
intel E7205 ICH5, Montara-GM, i82550PM, Springdale
06 Sep 2002
ADC ADC004, ATI M9000 S64, C-Cube ZiVA 4.1, AMD SS8947
3DO 00426-002-02 MADAM ADC / 00425-002-02 CLIO ADD / 00142-001-06 CDRIGA
VLSI VY86C06020FC-2, Promise PDC20271 PDC20275 PDC20276 PDC20318 PDC20376 PDC20261
Commodore 390489-03 BILL / 4510R5 VICTOR / 390957-03 DMAGIC, 3Dlabs VP870, Winbond W83782D
NetChip NET2290, ATI Radeon 8500 / 8800LE / 8800 / 9000 Pro / Rage Mobility-M1 / M4 / M6-D / M7-CSP16
23 Aug 2002
VIA P4X333 P4X400, 3Dlabs GLint R4 / Gamma2 / Permedia III, intel N82802AB8, PCnet HT2001
Netergy 8x83606ARCB NN4700AWAB, PCtel 789T, Silicon Image Sil3112ACT144 Sil168CT64
Serverworks GrandChampion III AGP
19 Aug 2002
IBM 50G7143 47P2010, intel RC82540EM, Globespan iTVC15-A0-A, Acer ALi M1687 M1681 A0 M1563 A0
LSI Logic iDVX, Marvell 88i8030-TBC, Matrox Parhelia PHW-C1, nVIDIA MCP2 H / MX 420 / NV1
Micron Copperhead, intel 82850e ES, Nexgen VL82C501PSFC
11 Aug 2002
VIA VT8235 VT6105 VT1616 KT400 CLE266 K8HTA, 3dfx VSA-101, 3COM 920-ST06, SiS XP4 HT7645
Texas Instruments TMS34020GBL TBS41AB31 TSB43AB22 TSB43AB23, Serverworks SWC-SB7440-P01
NEC D72893GD D72852GB, Chips & Technologies F84021 F84025, STMicro STG4005 Kyro II
nVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti / 410go / 420go / 440go NV17M, intel FW82371MB, ICS 94228BF, in-system ISD300A1
01 Aug 2002
SiS Xabre 200 / 400, 3DLabs VP10, Conexant P4601-11 11627-31 Falcon 2P, agere 1648C-T03
ATI Radeon 9700 / Rage Mobility-L, Broadcom BCM5702CKFB, Chrontel CH7009, ICSI MediaReader
nVIDIA Crush 18D / CR18 SPP / CR18 IGP / K8 / GeForce Ti4400 Ti4600, NEC D72872GC D720110AG0
23 Jul 2002
Already back... My partner got problems with his knee so we stopped the tour. Thinking of a new try next year.
COMDEX brought many new chips and hardware. Hope to keep all updated till next week.
15 Jun 2002
CK 's taking the trip through the States. From Portland (West Coast) to Boston (East Coast) by bike. Good luck.
Returning in August 2002 no replies on mails can be expected until that ...
07 Jun 2002
Computex is bringing interesting new hardware. New graphic cores by VIA (S3), SiS and Trident. Even Matrox
introduces one. Serial-ATA everywhere along with chipsets of all major companies. Several pictures added:
ABIT AC2001A, Analog Devices AD1981A, Avance Logic / Realtek ALC650, Altima AC1001KPB, Rockwell /
Conexant RS56-PCI CX25871, Pulse 5007, Sigma Designs EM8745
06 May 2002
Broadcom BCM7040KQL Kfir-II, Infineon PMB 8760, Crystal CS4236, Conexant CX23881-16
25 Apr 2002
3ware 200-0033-00, Analog Devices AD1886, ADMtek AN938B, AMD AMD-768 B2
12 Apr 2002
I'm currently analyzing tons of BIN files (Award / AMI BIOS binaries) to add the ID's. All files will be archived.
Added IDHW.COM to Google's index. Without any major content it comes out on number 10 when searching
for 'identify hardware'...
31 Mar 2002
Happy Easter !!!
25 Mar 2002
Broadcom BCM5701KHB, intel RG82845E Brookdale-E, ATI IGP320 IGP340, VIA PN133T
11 Mar 2002
Brooktree Bt856 Bt629, Texas Instruments TMS320C44GFW50 TMS320C44GFW60, Valor PM7202
ST Micro ST20GP6, Silicon Image Sil0680CL144, Oxford Micro A236, nVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti4600 NV25 Ultra
Realtek RTM660-109R, Panasonic MN573794, NEC D64031AGJ, ALi M1671 B0, Trident 9980 Blade XP
04 Mar 2002
CATC USB-EL1210A, Fil-Mag 23Z467SM, VIA P4N266, AMD 8111 8151, Acer Labs ALi M1672
intel Springdale FW82801DBM ICH4-M E7500 FW82544 RC82544GC FW82870P2 P64H2, nVIDIA XGPU
SiS 645 A2 XP4 HT7961, Burr Brown PCM1717E
22 Feb 2002
Matrox IS-ATLAS (thanks to Richard Hilber), Zoran ZR38601PQC, Winbond W83628F, VIA VT6202 KT333
nVIDIA NV17GL, Brooktree Bt463, Motorola MCM62940, Cypress CY7B180, PCTEL PCT789T-A
08 Feb 2002 is registered for PLASMA online V2.0
KLSI KL5KUSB101B, CreativeLabs CA0180 CA0181, Brooktree Bt467, SUN STP2000QFP STP2001QFP
AT&T SMCC DBRT, Elite ET82C692BX ET82C596, nVIDIA NV17S NV17 NV17M, Harris HSP50016
26 Jan 2002 is now part of the empire....
Trident TGUI9420DGi, Promise PDC20630, ESS AudioDrive ES688F, agere 1646T00, Abit AC2001, NexGen NxVL
D-Link DL-2000, nVidia GeForce 3Ti200 QuadroDCC, HighPoint HPT371, GlobeSpan iTVC15-B0-A, VIA VT8233A
Western Digital WD76C10, TI TCI603ABAF, intel RG82845G Brookdale-G FW82801DB ICH4, VIA KM266
ST 92163/NAM, Philips 74HC574N, Macronix MX23C4000TC-10, AMD AMD-755 revB1 AMD-751 revA Z8530H
C-Cube CL550, NCR 53C90, Fairchild MB623308, Motorola XSP5601R25
22 Jan 2002
Q Logic ISP1000, 8x8 8x83104AKAB 8x83511AKAA, LSI Logic L1A946 L1A7201PKFLA L1A9755, TI TLC34058
SUN SunGX 100-5512-01 100-3722-02 STP2002QFP STP3010PGA TurboXGX
NatSemi DP83257 DP83265 DP83261 S9512AD
AT&T ATT20C458-13, Brooktree Bt498AKHF240
07 Jan 2002
Silicon Image SiL0649CL160, TriTech TR25201 Pyramid 3D, Brooktree Bt848KPF, initio INIC-1060P, OPTi 82C930A
Dream SAM9233 GM5950400 OPG5594, Fore Systems ASIC0030
Many BIOS ID's added.
01 Jan 2002
Happy New Year.
Another year of growth ended just some hours ago. Compare this:
User sessions in December 2001 - 118.547 (average of 3824 users per day)
User sessions in December 2000 -    7.604 (average of  245 users per day)