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Version 1.7x

English documentation

About SoftFSB
The purpose of this Windows application is to change the base clock ( FSB / Front Side Bus ) frequency without having to restart the machine. Any FSB changes are instantaneous.
Originally this software was made to see if it was possible to set FSB values which cannot be set by using the BIOS.

Warning !!
If you are a beginner, do not use this software. This software is for power users only.
If you don't know who manufactured your motherboard, or your PLL-IC model, do not use this software.
Use "SoftFSB.EXE" at your own risk.

You should change the FSB up and down one step at a time because you may damage the CPU if you don't.
(For example, if you change it from 66MHz to 133MHz in one go ... that's bad news!)
If you raise the FSB too high then it is possible that the CPU may not function correctly anymore, and the system will hang.
If your PC hangs and you can't restart it, power off. Wait a little while and turn it on again, after making sure that no damage has been done to any of your PC components. Also, if it does not return to how it was normally, you must clear your CMOS
"Does SoftFSB support my M/B or PC ?" I hear you ask; the answer is "I don't know !!".
Don't send me e-mails regarding this question.

Visually check the PLL-IC type on your motherboard. If the PLL-IC that you found is listed in SoftFSB then try it!

If you ask me "Does SoftFSB support my PLL-IC ?", don't forget to include the following information:

It is possible to make the PLL-IC data file with yourself, even if in SoftFSB this is an unsupported PLL-IC. Please try to make the PLL-IC data file yourself and see the datasheet of PLL-IC first of all.

Supported Operating Systems
SoftFSB runs under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0/5.0 in both Japanese and English language versions

It will probably run with the following chipsets ...

SoftFSB will run on any motherboards referred to on my Official HomePage.
* The PLL-IC chipset used may differ with differents revisions of the motherboard. If it won't run with your revision, chipset etc, sorry :-)
* The AOpen motherboards are different and can not retrieve information on the current FSB.
If you are using the M/B (temperature) sensor software, maybe ... you can't use SoftFSB.
Mr. t_knz "MAX1617 monitor software 1617mon" and Mr.PENTIUM 666MHz "LM75/LM78 STATUS for Windows WLMSTAT" are already supporting a synchronous control. You can use it at the same time as SoftFSB.

If you are using WaterFall Pro ... You can use SmartBus Control Module. and add SoftFSB.ini, but "this operation is unguaranteed"


Supported PLL-ICs
At present the following PLL-ICs have been tested with SoftFSB.... However, there is no guarantee that any of these will work with your motherboard.
W123x W124x W126x W127x  
W144x W145x W148x W149x  
W150x W153x W156x    
W160x W164x      
W48S68-01x W48S68-03x      
W48S87-04x W48S87-27x      
W48S88-01x W48S88-03x      
W48S101-04x W48S111-14x W48S112-24x    
9148xx-04 9148xx-08 9148xx-17 9148xx-26 9148xx-36
9148xx-37 9148xx-46 9148xx-47 9148xx-53 9148xx-58
9150xx-04 9150xx-08      
W83193R-01 W83193R-02 W83193R-04    
W83194R-17 W83194R-37 W83194R-39 W83194R-39A  
PLL52C66-23 PLL52C66-28 PLL52C66-29    
PLL52C66-31 PLL52C66-38 PLL52C66-39    
PLL52C68-02 PLL52C68-04      
SC643 SC654      
SG745 SG748 SG750    
CMA8864-04 CMA8864-17 CMA8864-26 CMA8864-36 CMA8864-37

Unsupported PLL-ICs
The following PLL-ICs cannot have their settings altered by software. (This is the main thing people ask me about)
W130x W137x W146x W155x
W48C100-01x W48C101-01x W48C111-12x W48C111-16x W48C111-17x
9147xx-03 9147xx-09 9148xx-03 9148xx-10 9148xx-20
9148xx-25 9148xx-49 9248xx-20 9248xx-50 9248xx-55
PLL52C59-14 PLL52C61-23 PLL52C61-01 PLL52C62-01 PLL52C64-06
PLL52C66-05 PLL52C68-06
SC401 SC405 SC462 SC464 SC465
SC468 SC471 SC480 SC481 SC484
SC485 SC492 SC493 SC497 SC498
SC601 SC602 SC603 SC604 SC605
SC606 SC607 SC608 SC609 SC610
SC611 SC612 SC613 SC615 SC616
SC617 SC618 SC619 SC621 SC626
SC627 SC628 SC629 SC644 SC651
SC652 SC653 SC657 SC660 SC661
SC662 SC663 SC665 SC672 SC673
SC674 SC675 SC676 SC677 SC678
SC679 SC680 SC683 SC691 SC692
SC693 SC695 SC698 SC699
SG500 SG501 SG502 SG504 SG508
SG509 SG511 SG529 SG533 SG536
SG551 SG552 SG553 SG556 SG557
SG559 SG570 SG571 SG572 SG577
SG579 SG742
XG571 XG552
CMA8860-xx CMA8863-03 CMA8865-27
CY2250 CY2252 CY2254 CY2255 CY2256
CY2257 CY2260 CY2264 CY2265 CY2267
CY2274 CY2278 CY2280 CY2281 CY2282

Winbond W83977TF-xx ... These are not Clock Generators(PLL-ICs).

They are Super I/O Controller. Do not mistake them for PLL-ICs !!

Also, many old motherboards and PLL-ICs cannot have their settings altered by software.

Special thanks
Mr. uriuri Mr. MARURAN Mr. MASASHI Mr. yypulsar
Mr. bunny Mr. showlon Mr. yu- Mr. kondoh
And many other people (^^;

Old History ... A reference to the Japanese documentation
Ver.1.5 '98/11/19[THU] Disclosure TaskTray mode.
Supported P2B-F(New) after BIOS 1009.
Ver.1.6-B5 '99/04/25[SUN] Added. many PLL-IC.
Added. Version check of DLL/VxD/SYS files.
Ver.1.6-B7 '99/05/17[MON] Supported. i810 Chip-set.
Supported. C-Media PLL-IC.
Ver.1.6-B9 '99/06/19[SAT] Added. SMBus Mutex-Object Control I/F.
    SMBus Mutex-Object Support software
  • MAX1617 Monitor software 1617mon Mr. t_knz
  • LM75/LM78 STATUS for Windows WLMSTAT Mr. PENTIUM 666MHz
Ver.1.7 '99/07/20[TUE] Added. Window of "M/B menu creator".
Added. Window of "PLL-IC data creator".
Changed. "Option control".
Added. "New Access control" of PLL-IC.
Added. SmartBus Control (Unsupported).
Ver.1.7a '99/07/25[SUN] Fixed. "PLL-IC data creator".
Ver.1.7final '99/12/13[MON] v1.7 final version.

SoftFSB.EXE is and will be FREE SOFTWARE according to the following conditions.


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Internet e-mail : support@h-oda.com

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