hardware fixes

MBUS - RS232 interface for common Nokia mobile phones

IC description
78L05 5.0V voltage regulator (NOT 7805 !)
MAX232 RS-232 interface IC
1N4148 standard 1N4148 signal diodes
470µF Capacitor (just take anything ~100µF)
47µF Capacitor (anything 1µF~50µF, voltage regulator won't care)
10µF Capacitor (can be 4.7µf or 6.8µf as long as all 4 are the same value)


4.7kOhm Resistor
BC 547B Transistor (BC548 or BC549 will work, too)
Nokia 3210
Nokia 3310
Nokia 8210 - 8850
Nokia 51xx / 61xx / 7xxx