hardware fixes (AMD K6-2+ / K6-III+ in Socket 7 boards)

K6-2+ was marketed as a mobile CPU for notebooks only. But the CPU features Socket7 layout. So it can be used in every mainboard featuring a Socket7 even in desktops. Two requirements need to be fulfilled:
Your board is capable of delivering a CPU core voltage of 2.0V
Your mainboard BIOS supports a K6-2+ / K6-III+.

Note: Your BIOS may identify the CPU as a different one (486 / Pentium MMX / K6). That only means some performance features are not correctly identified and therefore disabled.

You can try to enable these features manually with:
MxK6opt (Write Allocation + Speculative Write Ordering) MXK6O050.zip
K6WAON (Write Allocation) K6WAON.zip
Set-EWBE (Enhanced Write Buffer) SETEWB.zip
K6WC1 (Write Combining) K6WC1.zip

There is a another listing with BIOS binaries available at http://web.inter.nl.net/hcc/J.Steunebrink/k6plus.htm

K6-2+ / K6-3+ Compatibility List
Brand Model K6-2+ / K6-III+ Support reported by:
ABIT IT5H No (2.0V only) Anandtech
ABIT TX5 Yes. Disable "Speed Error Hold" in BIOS King V
Acer V75M Yes King V
Amptron BKMVP4 Yes (BIOS 1.08) AMDzone
Amptron PM-9900 Yes (BIOS patched) King V
AOpen AX59Pro v2.33 Yes (BIOS 2.35) c't, AMDzone
AOpen MX95Pro Yes AcesHardware, AMDzone
AOpen MX95Pro-II Yes AcesHardware, AMDzone
ASUS P5A Yes (BIOS AL5I107A) Anandtech, c't, AcesHardware, AMDzone
ASUS P5A-B Yes (BIOS 1011 b2) King V
ASUS P55T2P4 Yes c't, AcesHardware
ASUS SP97-V Yes (BIOS 1.08) King V
ASUS TX97 Yes King V
ASUS TX97-E Yes King V
ASUS TX97-XE Yes King V
ASUS TXP4 Yes King V
ASUS VX-97 Yes AcesHardware
A-Trend ATC-5200 No Anandtech
A-Trend ATC-5220 Yes (BIOS 2.01a) King V
Azza PT-5SMT Yes King V
Azza PT-5VMD Yes King V
BCM SQ575 Yes (BIOS A06) King V
BCM VP1541 Yes AMDzone
Biostar M5ATA Yes (BIOS ATA1125B) King V
Chaintech 5AGM2 Yes King V
Compaq 1247 Yes (Laptop board) AMDzone
DFI P5BTX/L B+ Yes King V
DFI P5BV3 A+ Yes AMDzone
DFI PVB3+/e Yes AcesHardware, c't
DFI K6BV3+/66 Yes AcesHardware, AMDzone
DFI K6XV3+/66 Yes AcesHardware, AMDzone
DTK PAM0052V Yes (BIOS v1.12) King V
ECS P5SD-B Yes (BIOS 2.3a) King V
EFA P5MVP3-AT Yes (BIOS patched) King V
Epox EP-MVP3G2 Yes (BIOS VP3C0C21) Anandtech, AMDzone
Epox EP-MVP3G5 Yes AcesHardware, AMDzone
Epox EP-MVP3C Yes AMDzone
Epox EP-MVP3C2 Yes AMDzone
Epox EP-MVP3xx Yes (most MVP3 based boards) c't
Epox EP-MVP3GM Yes AMDzone
Epox EP-MVP3C-M Yes (rev 0.5 with power problems) AMDzone
FIC PA-2007 No (2.0V only) Anandtech
FIC PA-2007 Yes (BIOS 1.13cd15) King V
FIC PA-2013 No Anandtech
FIC PA-2013 v2.0 Yes (BIOS ji4330) King V
FIC VA-503+ v1.2 Yes (beta BIOS je4330) AcesHardware, AMDzone
FIC VA-503-A Yes (beta BIOS jn4116) AMDzone
Freetech 93 Yes AcesHardware
Freetech 93U Yes AcesHardware
Gigabyte GA-586TX3 Yes (BIOS 2.1) King V
Gigabyte GA-5AA 3.2 Yes AcesHardware, AMDzone
Gigabyte GA-5AX 4.1 Yes AcesHardware, AMDzone
Gigabyte GA-5SMM Yes (tested for K6-III+) AMDzone
Iwill XA100 No Anandtech
Iwill XA100Plus Yes (BIOS XAP1027) Anandtech
Jetway J-542BS Yes AMDzone
Jetway J-542C Yes (BIOS D05) King V
LuckyStar 5MVP3 Yes King V
Matsonic 6260S Yes King V
Micronics C200 Yes (see BCM VP1541) AMDzone
MSI MS-5169 v2.1 Yes King V
MSI MS-5169 v4.0 Yes (BIOS v3.5) AMDzone
MSI MS-5182 v1.0 Yes (BIOS v1.4) King V
MSI MS-5184 Yes (BIOS v1.3 b3) King V
PCChips M577 Yes (BIOS patched) King V
PCChips M585LMR 3.1 Yes (BIOS 3/10/2000 S) King V
PCChips M598 Yes King V
PCChips M598LMR Yes (BIOS 2k0519) King V
PCChips M599LMR Yes (BIOS 2k0913s) King V
Rise M-Tech M-549 Yes (see Soyo 5EAS) King V
Shuttle HOT-569 Yes (BIOS patched) King V
Shuttle HOT-591P Yes (BIOS patched) King V
Soltek SL54U5 Yes (BIOS A10) AMDzone
Soltek SL-56Gx Yes (BIOS Z3) King V
Soyo 5EAS Yes (BIOS 1b1) King V
Soyo 5EHM Yes AcesHardware
Soyo 5EMA+ v1.0 Yes AMDzone
Soyo 5SSM 5SSM/5 Yes King V
Soyo 5XBM Yes (Disable BIOS caching) King V
Supermicro P5MMA No (2.0V only) Anandtech
Tekram P5M3-A+ Yes (BIOS v1.04) King V
Tekram P5M4 Yes (BIOS v1.04) King V
Tekram P5MVP-x Yes (BIOS patched) King V
TMC TI5VGF No Anandtech
TMC TI5-VGA Yes (BIOS E3) King V
Trigem Delhi III Yes (BIOS 1.01) King V
Tyan S1563S Yes (2.1V only !) King V
Tyan S1571 Yes (BIOS patched) King V
Tyan S1573 Yes (BIOS patched) King V
Tyan S1590S No Anandtech
Tyan S1598 Yes AcesHardware