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official Engineering Change Notice (ECN) for KK266/R v1.2

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March 13th, 2001 Irvine, CA
Iwill USA Corporation today issued an Enineering Change Notice (ECN) for ver 1.2 KK266/R motherboards. It adresses the issue concerning a multiplier lock of 8.5 when attempting to manually modify the default multiplier setting. As a result, any setting aside from the default setting locks the multiplier setting at 8.5 (e.g. Setting 10 x 100 is supposed to equal 1.0 GHz, however shows up as 8.5 x 100 equal to 850 MHz). After a thorough investigation, Iwill engineers discovered the removal of 0 Ohm resistor located at R357 (see Fig 1) and the addition of 0 Ohm resistor located at R356 (see Fig 1) fixes the multiplier issue. Iwill USA would like to inform all customers that an EXPRESS RMA form and procedure has been set up to expedite an immediate exchange of all motherboards with the multiplier lock issue. Modifications for all future ver 1.2 KK266/R motherboards have already been made and a strict quality assurance procedure has been implemented. The RMA request form can be downloaded at www.iwillusa.com/rma/kk266.pdf. Please fax back completed forms to 949-753-5489 or email to rma@iwillusa.com. Iwill USA Corp apologizes for this inconvenience, and appreciates your patience in this matter.

Fig 1.