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Play American DVDs on japanese Playstation 2
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Simple controller codes make it possible:
Two simple controller codes have recently surfaced that make it possible to play Region 1 (North America) DVDs on the PlayStation 2, a Region 2 (Japan and Asia) DVD player. --- All three codes should be entered when the PlayStation 2 DVD bootup sequence begins fading to black. The buttons should be held until either the DVD movie starts up (1 line of Japanese) or a "region failed" message appears (2 lines of Japanese). If you get a region failed message, don't despair; just try again. The same disc will work some times and not others.

The first code comes from the GIA's own J.T. Kauffman; it is apparently circulating Japanese message boards and web sites. The code is: hold down L1, Circle, and Select. This code has worked with both the Dual Shock 1 and 2 with about 40% accuracy.

The second code comes from a friend of the GIA known as Barubary. The code is: press in L3 (the left analog stick) straight and hard. This code does not work with the Dual Shock 1, but works with the Dual Shock 2 with about 60% accuracy.

The newest, third code comes from GIA friend Nick "Rox" Des Barres. Nick reports that this code works an astounding 95% of the time. The instructions follow: Insert a first-generation PlayStation pad (i.e., not an analog controller) in Control Port 1 of the PS2. Insert DVD Hold UP on the pad until the DVD menu appears Highlight the play icon and select it. Nick adds, "I tried this on 20 or so DVDs, and it booted all of them. Two or three would not play. You could access the menus, however. It should be noted I was using a Japanese first-generation PS1 pad, though I can't imagine why it wouldn't work with American ones."

While these codes certainly leave room for improvement, the advent of any region bypass is good news for system importers and DVD fans. The GIA will keep you posted on any new developments on the PS2 DVD front.