upgrades (options)

(add new hardware to your computer system)
chips (when used in sockets)
expansion cards (MCA, ISA, VLB, PCI [32/64bit], AGP ...)
  www.xlr8.com Mac (Motorola) CPU upgrade cartridges
mobiles (PDA, notebook, phones...)

(connect additional hardware to interfaces for new capabilities of your hardware)
IrDA (infrared port)
USB (universal serial bus)
LPT (parallel port / RS232)
COM (serial port)
PS/2 (serial port II)
PCMCIA (PC card slot, mostly on notebooks and mobile PDAs)
FireWire (IEEE1394 port, iLink on Sony hardware)
GeoPort (serial port)

You can find useful informations on upgrading your system at the following links:

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