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PLASMA online is in no way meant as a news machine. We just collect informations.
So please use the following links for up to date online news:

The Register Knows things before these happen
Akiba New hardware ? Here you'll see it first...
Hard OCP Kyle Bennet's news market
KBench Koreans testing everything
Impress watch Japanese IT watch
Xbit Laboratories News that matter
Heise Online German IT news magazine
LockerGnome IT news site
HardwareZone Tech reviews paired w/ forums and sales channels
CPU Info x86 processor info you need to know

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By the way. Although we don't provide news you can find future related material at PLASMA online. And what seems to be of most and common interest are CPU manufacturer roadmaps. So here they are:

VIA (including former Cyrix & IDT)

3COM Ethernet 2 USB
Apple Airport
Nintendo GameCube (Dolphin)
Nintendo Gameboy
Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Xbox DVD dongle
SEGA Dreamcast
SEGA Dreamcast console
Sony Playstation II
Sony Infostick Bluetooth
Palm M100
Dallas STINI
Nokia 6210