identify mainboard by Winco

Winco Electronics [W5 / 1978]
Company out of business, no support at former website.

W-P55VT2 v.E 10/06/97-580VPX-VIA83669-2A5LDW5GC-00 VIA 580VPX OEM of AMD board
W-P55VT2 v.D1 2A5LDW5DC-00   SMC
W-P55VT2 v.D 2A5LD00AC-00    
W-P55VT2 v prior D 2A5LD009C-00    
W586TXA 2A59IW59C    
W586VX 2A59GW59C    
W586VX v1.2 2A59GW59C-00    
W586VXL 2A59GW5AC    
P55TV2 2A59GSL9    
P55TV2 2A59GSL9C    
P55TV2 2A59GSLC-00-0000C-00