identify mainboard by Pine

Pine Technology [PC / 8054]

TL-LX01 2A69JPC9C-00    
PT7504-AB   VXpro+ identical to PC chips M537DMA33
PT7502   intel 430VX identical to PC chips M530
PT-730A 2A5X8PCAC-00    
PT-730AB 2A5X8PCAC-00    
PT-730B 2A5X8PC9C    
PT-7502 2A59HT5BC-00   identical to PC chips M520
?? 2A59GPCAC-00    
PT-430 40-1201-428054-00101111-072594-umc498-h    
PT-430 40-0106-428054-00101111-072594-umc498h    
PT-430 40-0102-428054-00101111-072594-UMC498-H    
PT-429 40-0107-428054-00101111-080893-UMC491F-P    
PT-428 40-0101-428054-00101111-111192-UMC491-H UMC 3VLB 6ISA 1ISA[8bit] 8SIMM