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BX-6XP2C v2.2 07/17/2000-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KF9HC-00    
BX-6XP2 v1.5c i440BX-W977TF-2A69KF9AC-00 i440BX  
BX-6XP2 v1.4 02/09/1999-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KF99C-00 i440BX  
BX-6XP2 v1.2c 11/20/1998-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KF9AC-00 i440BX  
BX-6VP2C v2.8 06/05/2000-693-596-W977-2A6LGF9AC-00    
BX-6VP2 v1.3 02/10/1999-693-596-W977-2A6LGF99C-00    
BX-6VP2 v?? 10/30/1998-692-596-W977-2A6LGF99C-00    
BX 6VPS v1.2 693-596-W977-2A6LGF99C-00    
BX-6VPS v1.1 11/30/1998-692-596-w977-2A6LGF99C-00    
BX-6SP2 v1.4 i440BX-W977TF-2A69KF99C-00    
BX-6SP2 v1.5c i440BX-W977TF-2A69KF9AC-00    
BX-6AV2 v2.5 03/08/2000-693-596-W977-2A6LGF9BC-00    
BX-6AP2 v1.0 03/08/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KF9CC-00
LX370 RedFox i440LX-W977-2A69JF9IC-00    
LX-6AP2 (EX) LE2.2 03/08/1999-i440EX-W977TF-2A69JF9EC-00 i440EX  
LX-6AP2 (AT) vA1.1 07/20/1998-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JF9AC-00 i440LX  
LX-6AP2 i440LX-W977TF-2A69JF9DC-00    
LX-6XP2B i440LX-ITE867-2A69JF9FC-00    
ZX370 i440ZX-W977TF-2A69KF9GC-00    
ZX6AP2 v1.0 i440ZX-W977TF-2A69KF9DC-00    
ZX6XP2 v1.3 i440ZX-W977TF-2A69KF9BC-00    
P6BX3 (BX1869) 01/26/1999-I440BX-W977TF-2A69KSHBC-00   OEM of LuckyTech P6BX3 revB
7XV A5 10/08/1999-693-596-W977-2A6LGSMAC-00   OEM of SuperPower 7XV vA5
6IFXA 2A69HF99C-00    
6BV67 v2.8 693-596-W977-2A6LGF9AC-00    
6S2M1 v1.0 SiS-620-2A6INF99C-00    
6XV93A v1.2 04/27/2000-693-596-W977-2A6LGF9DC-00 VIA 693A 596B  
V693 (I) A4 11/18/1999-693-596B-Ite-2A6LGSMFC-00 VIA 693 596B OEM of SuperPower 6XV-A66
AGP-ALi v1.2 11/24/1998-ALADDIN5-2A5KKF9AC-00    
AGP-ALi v1.3 03/08/1999-ALLADDIN5-2A5KKF9AC-00 M1541  
AGP-ALi v1.4 ALADDIN5-2A5KKF9AC-00    
AGP-ALi v2.2 ALADDIN5-2A5KKF9DC-00    
AGP-ALi v3.3 ALADDIN5-2A5KKF9BC-00    
5VIA88 v2.1 12/10/1998-MVP3-586B-ITE-2A5LEF9AC-00 VIA MVP3  
VIA-370 v1.0 693-596-W977-2A6LGF9CC-00    
VIA-370 v1.2 693-596-W977-2A6LGF9CC-00    
?? 2A5L9F99C-00 VIA VT82C570M Winbond 787
?? 2A5KFF9A    
5ALIA 2A5KFF99C-00 ALi M1521/1523  
5ATXB v1.4 07/02/1998-ALi-154x-2A5KIF99C-00 ALi Aladdin IV+ M1531/M1543 4PCI 3ISA 4SIMM 2DIMM
5TX29 v1.3 03/08/1999-i430TX-ALi513-2A59IF99C-00 i430TX  
5ITXA v.A? i430TX-ALi513-2A59IF99C-00 i430TX ALi M5135
5ITXA v.A? 2A59IF99C-00 i430TX ALi 5123
5ITXA v.B4 06/16/1998-i430TX-ALi513-2A59IF99C-00
i430TX 4PCI 4ISA 4SIMM 2DIMM ALi M5135
5ITXA v.C 2A59IF9BC-00 i430TX  
5IVXB v1.2 07/22/97-i430VX,ALI512X-2A59GF9CC-00 i430VX ALi 5123
5IVXA v1.3 03/21/97-i430VX-2A59GF9AC-00 i430VX Winbond 877
5IHXA v1.2 i430HX-W877-2A59FF9AC-00 i430HX  
5IB2 v1.3 03/08/1999-i430TX-ALi513-2A59IF99C-00 i430TX 4PCI 3ISA 4SIMM 2DIMM
9885AW UMC-881E/886B-2A4X5CF9C-00