identify Maxwell chips

Maxwell [PCI vendor ID ]
Space Electronics (SE) renamed to Maxwell Technologies Microelectronics in 2002
Power Cache renamed to Maxwell Technologies Ultracapacitors in 2002
Space Electronics Instruments (SEi) renamed to Maxwell Technologies Instrument Products in 2002
Owner of Power Cache

80386DXRP (x86 CPU, 32bit)
80387DX (x86 coprocessor)

24SWRE (power MOSFET driver, 24channel)

54BCT244A Octal Buffer/Driver, 8-bit
54BCT245 Octal Buffers Transceiver
54HC4046RP Phase-Locked Loop
54HC4049 CMOS Logic HEX Inverting Buffer
54HC4050 CMOS Logic HEX Non-Inverting Buffer
54LVTH162244 Octal Driver/Buffer, 16-bit, 3.3V
54LVTH162245 Octal Bus Transceiver, 16-bit, 3.3V
54LVTH162373 Transparent D-type Latches, 16-bit, 3.3V
54LVTH16373 Transparent D-Type Latches, 16-bit, 3.3V ABT
54LVTH244A Octal Buffer/Driver, 8-bit, 3.3V ABT
54LVTH245A Octal Bus Transceiver, 8-bit, 3.3V ABT
7B991 Programmable Skew Clock Buffer (PSCB)