identify ITE chips

Intergrated Technology Express Inc - ITE [PCI vendor ID 1283]

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ITE 8703F
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ITE 8705F
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ITE 8712F
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ITE 8888F
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ITE 8702F
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ITE 8708F
PC products
[673A] IT8330G (486 chipset)
[8330] IT8330G
[E886] IT8330G

IT8661F (PC98 ISA SuperI/O w/o KBC+RTC)
IT8671F (IT8679F + KBC+MousePowerUp)
IT8679F (PC98/99 ISA I/O, KBC)
IT8680F (PC98/99 ISA I/O, KBC, RTC)
IT8687R (COM port buffer chip for 8680/8681/8679/8671)
IT8693F (ISA I/O + H/W monitor + CIR)
IT8673F (IT8693F w/o H/W monitor, pin compatible w/ 8712F)
IT8700F (ISA LPC I/O +Flash ROM interface+CIR+SmartCardRead)
IT8702F (ISA LPC I/O + KBC+PowerUp+FanControl+CIR+SmartCardReader)
IT8705F (ISA I/O +H/W monitor+Flash ROM interface+CIR+SmartCardRead)
IT8706R (18 GPIOs)
IT8712F (IT8702F w/ H/W monitor, pin compatible w/ IT8702F)
[8871] IT8871F (PCI-ISA bridge + 1Parallel Port)
[8872] IT8872F (PCI-ISA bridge + 1Parallel Port +2 UARTs)
[8873] IT8873F (PCI-ISA bridge + 1Parallel Port +1 UART)
[8875] IT8875F (PCI controller + 1 Parallel Port + SMBus)
[8888] IT8888F PCI-ISA bridge (UMC OEM ?)
[8889] IT8889F PCI-ISA bridge (UMC OEM ?)
IT8761E/F (LPC I/O+KBC+16550+FDC+16 GPIOs)

IT9620 (AC97 audio codec with 3D)
IT9810R ClockGen for Intel 810e

IA products
IT8101E/F-x (companion chip for Hitachi SH7709, LCD, PCMCIA & MiniCard, IrDA, AFE interface, PMU, UART, mobile)
IT8152G-x (companion chip for SA1110 / SA2, PCI bus, LPC support, AC97, USB Host)
IT8172G-x (companion chip for 68k / RM523x / Vr5432 / Vr4310 / SH7750, Core Logic, PCI bus, LPC support, IDE, UART)
IT8251F-x (Pocket PC & PDA, LCDC, SH3/SH4 support, PCMCIA & CF, MMC interface)
IT8368E (PCMCIA buffer chip for WinCE, pairs with Philips PR31700 MIPS, mobile)

LCD products
IT7001N/M (programmable 8bit counter)
IT7010C (segment driver for color STN)
IT7020C (common driver for color STN)
IT8181E/F-x (Windows CE LCD/VGA, 640x480, 1024x768, 2D engine, RAMDAC)
IT8191F (digital LCD monitor controller, SXGA, OSD, TMDS)
IT8192F (analog LCD monitor controller, SXGA, ODS, ADC 135MHz)
IT8565 (singlechip LCD driver)