identify Ensoniq chips

Ensoniq [PCI vendor ID 1274]
Ensoniq [PCI vendor ID 5145]

  dl $ info
  dl $ info
5706000101 Sequoia
E 55506 wave table
[3031] ES3031 Concert AudioPCI
[5000] ES1370 AudioPCI (used in SoundBlaster 64)
[1371] ES1371 AudioPCI-97
[5880] 5880 AudioPCI

OTTO - wavetable
ESP-16 Plus

Advice by
Ensoniq cards will have "ENSONIQ" etched into the board itself along with a date.
We sell our chips to other manufacturers, so the presence of an Ensoniq chip on a card does not necessarily mean it's our card. Look on the board for an "assembled in USA" sticker, there will be a number on that card beginning with the letter "S". This will give us the actual model number. It will be either S2016, S3016, S4016, or S5016.
"S2016" cards use Legacy Soundscape drivers.
"S3016" refers to OPUS cards, which are not supported directly by Ensoniq.
"S4016" cards use the Vivo series drivers.
"S5016" denotes the AudioPCI soundcard.