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How to activate overclocking menu for my Voodoo5 5500 ?


Overclocking the Voodoo5 Overclocking the V5-5500 will be harder because the chance of the core not being able to overclock is doubled as there are two VSA-100 processors onboard, each running at 166MHz - so one may overclock while the other may not. The memory may also cause problems since it cannot be adjusted independent of the VSA-100 chips.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\3Dfx Interactive\3dfx Tools\Installed\Tools\{AB040305-8AA1-11D2-8DD1-00104BB5EAD6}
Set "CompleteRegistration" variable equal to 1.
Restart your PC and you will see overclocking options in the properties page.

It takes a reboot every time you want to change your overclocking settings.

A utility such as Powerstrip can be used for on the fly overclocking.