Microsoft Installer (MSI) registry settings

Microsoft has added several registry values to be used by the Add/Remove Programs (ARP) system applet.
Software packages have to register to the following registry key to show up in ARP:


An application can either use it's name or a generic product GUID. Known product GUID's are:
Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
{0C03D23C-AB53-40FE-8245-B43070869C80} Hummingbird SOCKS v7.0 Client
{63CB7620-B423-4BF1-A7E4-75BB8B64740E} McAfee VirusScan v4.5.0
{6F716D8C-398F-11D3-85E1-005004838609} Microsoft Web Folders
{76542EE3-5849-11D2-9C18-00609707C0FF} BlackIce
{90510409-6D54-11D4-BEE3-00C04F990354} Microsoft VISIO 2002 Professional
{A5BA14E0-7384-11D4-BAE7-00409631A2C8} Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0 Extension Manager
{ABDA9912-5D00-11D4-BAE7-9367CA097955} Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0 UltraDev
{CA96F3A1-F350-11D3-B354-002035C150E4} IBM Intranet application

By clicking support information you'll receive this window (only if correspending values are set):

value name value type purpose
Comments String I do not know what this value is used for yet...
Contact String I do not know what this value is used for yet...
DisplayIcon String Icon File Name
DisplayName String Product Name
DisplayVersion String Product Version
HelpLink String http://YourWebHelpPage
HelpTelephone String Help phone number
InstallDate String Install Date
InstallLocation String Installation target directory
InstallSource String Installation source directory
Language Number Selected language
NoModify Number 0 - allow, 1 - disallow
NoRemove Number 0 - allow, 1 - disallow
NoRepair Number 0 - allow, 1 - disallow
ProductID String Product ID
Publisher String Company name
ReadMe String Path to ReadMe File
RegCompany String Registered Company
RegOwner String Registered User
URLInfoAbout String http://YourCompanyPage
URLUpdateInfo String http://YourProductUpdatePage
VersionMajor String WWXXYYZZ in Hex converted to Decimal, like "134217728"
VersionMinor String Sub-Version in Dec
WindowsInstaller Number 1 - installed by Windows Installer, 0 if other like InstallShield Professional

Known bugs:
If "InstallLocation" is not set properly Windows 2000 reports size of Uninstall folder instead !
“C:\Program Files\InstallShield Installation Information\{PRODUCT_GUID}”

If "DisplayIcon" is not set properly Windows 2000 relies on information stored in the following registry path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Management\ARPCache
SlowInfoCache stores the path to the icon source as well along with a checksum. If this value becomes corrupted
Windows 2000 diplays a placeholder instead of the correct icon (red cross along with name computer graphic).