MSDOS.SYS Parameters

Parameter & Default Meaning
[Paths] Section
HostWinBootDrv=C Drive letter of boot drive
WinBootDir=C:\windows Location of startup files; default=C:\Windows
WinDir=C:\windows Location of Windows directory
[Options] Section
AutoScan=1 0 Scandisk OFF
1 Scandisk AutoRun
2 Scandisk ON
BootDelay=2 Startup delay of n seconds to give user time to press F8
BootFailSafe=0 0 SafeMode OFF
1 SafeMode ON
BootGUI=1 0 starts command prompt only
1 starts Windows GUI
BootKeys=1 0 disables Option Keys
1 enables Option keys (F5, F6, F8)
BootMenu=0 User must press F8 to see startup menu; =1 displays menu automatically
BootMenuDefault=4 Default choice on startup menu
BootMenuDelay=30 Secs before running default choice on startup menu
BootMulti=0 0 disables & 1 enables dual boot to previous OS
BootWarn=1 Enables/disables Safe Mode startup warning
BootWin=1 1 enables Win9x as default OS; 0 enables previous OS as default
DblSpace=1 Enables/disables default load of DBLSPACE.BIN
DoubleBuffer=0 Enables/disables double buffering driver for SCSI controllers
DrvSpace=1 Enables/disables auto loading of DRVSPACE.BIN (disk compression)
LoadTop=1 Enables/disables loading of at top of 640K memory; set to 0 for NetWare
Logo=1 Enables display of animated logo
Network= Safe Mode with Networking is no longer supported in Win98; set 0 or leave blank to disable this feature