Adapter description files (ADF) for Microchannel Adapters (MCA)


Card ID Description
0000 NCR Parallel Bus Memory Card
0001 Internal Options
0011 C&T Internal Features
0012 C&T Internal Features
002D Madge Smart 16/4 MC Ringnode
003C SBA (System Bus Adapter for Union)
0041 3Com 3C-527 EtherLink/MC 32 Ethernet Adapter
004E NCR SCSI Host Adapter Board
004F NCR 53C710 SCSI Host Adapter Board
0061 NCR Dual Channel Ethernet MCA Adapter
0069 Network Peripherals FDDI Adapter
0074 Madge 16/4 MC32 Ringnode
008E Mingston MC Master CPU Upgrade Adapter
0092 NCR 53C700 SCSI MCA Adapter
0098 MCIA-2 board
00C4 Racore 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter
00C5 Racore 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter
0100 NCR StarLAN 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter/MC
0101 Proteon P1840 ProNET-4 4MBit/s Network Adapter
01B2 Cogent E/MASTER III MCA 32-bit Ethernet Adapter
01BA-2 NCR Dual SIOP SCSI Host Adapter Board
01BA NCR 53C710 SCSI Controller
01BB NCR 3360 SCSI SubSystem
0202 Proteon P1890 4/16 MBit/s Token Ring Adapter
0280 Systech 6280 Host Adapter
0300 NCR SIMPL SCSI Host Adapter Board
0301 6298 controller card (ADP 3702)
0425 Superfax Modem Adapter
0500 CORE CNT-MCK Fixed Disk Adapter
0708 BusTek BT-640A Micro Channel to SCSI Host Adapter (v1.0)
0803 Madge MCA Ring Node
0A85 Olicom Token Ring 16/4 Adapter
0F1F Adaptec AHA-1640 SCSI Host Adapter
0F2F Lantana Technology Cypress/2 Token Ring MCA
0F5F GSS MC1000
0F7F PSconnect
0FCC D-Link Ethernet Card
0FDF MiCom InterLan NI9210 Ethernet Controller
1185 VEN-TEL 2400 Modem
16D4 Utimaco Safeboard
3420 Alert A491 PS/2 Game Card
35FF Dual UART Adapter
5022 Online Systems CDI-210S (Sony) CD-ROM Controller
5023 Online Systems PCM Audio R/P unit
507E AMS MIO-20 I/O card 2ser rev B
507F AMS MIO-21 I/O card 2ser 1par rev B
5084 Creative Labs, Inc. - SOUND BLASTER MCV CT5320
508C Trantor T228 SCSI Host Adapter (NEC)
508E Trantor T260 SCSI Host Adapter
5103 Creative Labs, Inc. - SOUND BLASTER Pro MCV CT5330
5116 NCR Business Audio with FM Synthesis
5125 Tecmar QT-60, QT-90, QT-125 Tape Drive
5125-1 Micro Channel Tape Drive Host Adapter
5126 Tecmar Floppy Tape Controller
5130 Piper Research SoundPiper 16 rev 1 / 2
5131 Vinca Quadrunner (Server Mirror Card)
5136 NCR Audio Adapter w/o FM Synthesis
5138 Reply Vibra-16 Soundcard
5150 ChipChat 16 Audiocard
5323 Infosys SCSI Adapter
5324 Infosys SCSI Adapter
5333 National Instruments MC-GPIB IEEE-488 Interface
5500 COREtape Controller
5600 Cabletron E3020 Ethernet Card
5656 AMS MP-2 I/O card 2par rev C
568B Maynard MaynStream QIC-02 Tape Adapter
568D Maynard MaynStream SCSI Tape Adapter
57FE COREtape Controller
57FE-0 EV-817 Tape Drive Host Adapter
57FE-1 Streaming Tape Adapter (short card / Alliance)
5808 MPS TwinFax 2400/9600 Modem Card
583E BORSU SCSI Tape Adapter
5CCC IOtech Personal 466 Interface
5CEC CEC IEEE-488 GPIB Adapter
5EEE Hitachi CD-ROM Adapter
5F77 Future Domain SCSI Adapter
5FF8 Plus Passport Hardfile Adapter
6000 Tiara Systems LanCard/E II
6014 SMC PC110 Arcnet Adapter (Netware RX-Net/2)
6018 Gateway Communications G/Ethernet Controller
601F Hewlett-Packard ScanJet+ Scanner Interface Adapter
6023 Cumulus CURAM-16 Plus 8MB Multifunction Adapter
602F ARCMASTER Microchannel/Arcnet Interface
6042 3Com EtherLink/MC Ethernet Adapter
6060 IDEA comm 5250 Host Adapter N5251G short
6091 Stallion Technologies ONboard2 Terminal Adapter [24 Feb 92]
60B2 System 100 Multichannel Analyzer PC
60C9 Boca Research Bidirectional Parallel Adapter
60D0 Hayes JT Fax 4800P
60E5 Boca Research I/O controller 2ser 1 par
60E9 Future Domain SCSI-2 Adapter (OEM by IBM)
60ED M-DCB/2 Disc Coprocessor Board
6104 AMS MIO-21 I/O controller 2ser 1par (old long version)
6127 Future Domain MCS-700 SCSI Adapter
612D DaynaTalk LocalTalk Interface Card
613D Rabbit RB75 Remote Communications Processor
613F SONIC Model 50,60,70,80 Demo Board
617E Intellicom / Computone PS8 8-port serial controller
61B4 Caere Typist Interface
61BF Intel SatisFAXtion Adapter
61C7 AVM B1 active ISDN controller
61C8 SMC EtherCard Plus (WD8013EP/A BNC/AUI)
61C9 SMC EtherCard Plus (WD8013WP/A TP/AUI)
61C9-1 AT&T/NCR StarLAN 10 Network ME300T
61FD Computone PSCC Cluster Controller
6201 QUADPORT PS/Q I/O Adapter R2 9087
6203 QUADPORT PS/Q I/O Adapter R2 9087
621C NCR/Stargate 16 Port Serial Controller with 10MHz CPU (older modell)
621F Hewlett-Packard ScanJet II Interface Adapter
6222 NCI 4700 PCI/MC
6258 Alert A490 Serial Adapter
6259 Alert A489 Parallel Adapter
6262 Proteon P1800 ProNET-10 Network Adapter for PS
6263 Arco Electronics AC-1070 / AC-1075 IDE Controller
6263-1 CMS Enhancements (OEM of Arco Electronics AC-1070 / AC-1075)
627A Kingston DataCard KTM-DC32/127
627C 3Com Etherlink III MCA (3C529 BNC/AUI) Network Adapter
627D 3Com Etherlink III MCA (3C529 TP/AUI) Network Adapter
628B intel EtherExpress Adapter
62B6 Arco Electronics AC-1079 SLIM Drive Adapter
62E9 PM14400 Internal Modem
6323 BOCport ser/par Adapter
6343 Artisoft Lantastic 2MBit/s Network Card
6361 Arnet Corporation, Smartport/2 Communications Adapter
63B3 CH-Products Gamecard-III Automatic
63CA HP StarLAN-10 Adapter rev 1.1
6406 NCR/Stargate 8 Port Serial Controller with 20MHz CPU (newer modell)
6407 NCR/Stargate 16 Port Serial Controller with 20MHz CPU (newer modell)
6440 MCA IH-HOUSE DLC communications Adapter v1.7
64B6 Thomas-Conrad ARC-CARD/MC
6508 Artisoft PDIuC508 Microchannel ARCNET Interface Adapter
651B Racore Token-Ring Adapter
651E Racore LANpac II for the IBM PS/2
6571 Keithley Instruments Series 500 Interface
6612 Evercom Modem
677F Attachmate Advanced 3270 Adapter (primary ID)
6780 NeoTech MS/4, four channel serial Adapter
6781 NeoTech serial Adapter
6782 NeoTech parallel Adapter
6783 NeoTech serial/parallel Adapter
6784 NeoTech DUAL RS-422/RS-485 serial Adapter
6785 NeoTech S-485, RS-422 or RS-485 serial Adapter
6786 NeoTech DP/1A two channel parallel Adapter
6787 NeoTech MS/4A four channel serial Adapter
6788 NeoTech MS/4B four channel serial Adapter
6789 NeoTech MS/4C/RJ Four Channel serial Adapter
678B NeoTech Dual RS-232 Async. Adapter
678C NeoTech Dual RS-232 Async. Adapter S2M100
678D NeoTech MSP/4, 4 channel serial + parallel Adapter
678F BBS GPIB-3000
6792 NeoTech 2 Serial / 1 Parallel Adapter, SPM121 / SPM321
6795 NeoTech Single RS-422/485 Async. Adapter, S1M200
6796 NeoTech Single Bidirectional Parallel Adapter, PM101
6797 NeoTech Dual Bidirectional Parallel Adapter, PM102
67E1 NCR/Stargate 8 Port Serial Controller with 10MHz CPU (older modell)
67E7 Kraft G/3+ Adapter
6A14 NCR WaveLAN Adapter
6A51 IBEX SerCom-2 for Nixdorf Emulation
6A93 ISDN-S/2 Adapter
6B06 NCPe 3270 Emulation Coax Adapter
6B83 Cray LAN PS-x1x4/x5 Network Adapter
6B84 NCPe 3270 Multiboard 32 Gateway card
6B95 CORE ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
6B9B Specialix SI-2
6BA5 Comtes SDX-Adapter
6BBB Barr Systems BARR6BBB Synchronous Communications Adapter
6BBE Miniware Tech M06060 Ser Par Printer Adapter
6BE9 SK-Net Ethernet Adapter (BNC/AUI)
6BF2 KORTEX 2400 baud modem
6BFF Torus Ethernet Adapter/MC
6C06 Sanyo CD-ROM adapter
6C0F Roland MIDI Processing Unit MPU-1
6D6D EICON Laser Printer Adapter
6DAC Logitech Scanman Adapter
6DD4 FasTalk 2/V.32/5, 2/V.32/42b
6DD5 UDS Sync-Up 2/V.32/5, 2/V.32/42b
6DD6 UDS Sync-Up 2/201
6DD7 UDS Sync-Up 2/V.26
6DE0 UDS Sync-Up 2/V.32
6DE1 UDS Sync-Up 2/T9628B
6DE2 Fastalk 2/V.32
6DE3 Fastalk 2/2400
6DE4 Fastalk 2/1200
6DE5 UDS Sync-Up 2/V.22 bis
6DE6 UDS Sync-Up 2/201/212
6DE7 UDS Sync-Up 2/208/201
6DEB Multi-Tech Systems MT1432ES Modem
6DF4 Emerald Technology 3XPlus/2 rev B
6E6C IBM Audio Capture and Playback Adapter (ACPA rev A / Ultimedia rev C / Long Card rev A)
6E6E EICON Single Port Communications Adapter
6E78 DCA IRMA-2 3270 Host Connection Adapter
6E79 DCA IRMA-3 3270 Host Connection Adapter (Convertible Coax)
6E7C DCA Intelligent Comm Adapter
6EC6 SMC TokenCard Elite /A 8115-T
6EDD US Robotics Courier Modem
6EE7 IMC Networks Corporation PCnic II Ethernet Controller
6EEE Sync-Up 2/Multi-Protocol Adapter
6EF8 IRMA 3t 3270 Coax Adapter
6F01 Hayes Smartmodem 2400P
6F77 Lantana Technology Inc. Tamarix/2 Ethernet Adapter
6F91 Synaptel SYNMPI/PS ISDN Adapter
6FB6 Canmax DLC 01 Serial Comms Adapter
6FBF WATSON Board By Natural MicroSystems Corp.
6FC0 WD EtherCard PLUS/A (WD8003E/A or WD8003ET/A)
6FC1 WD StarCard PLUS/A (WD8003ST/A)
6FC2 WD EtherCard PLUS 10T/A (WD8003W/A)
6FCB Practical Peripherals 2400bd Modem
6FE4 DigiBoard PS-COM/16
6FE5 DigiBoard PS-COM/8
6FE6 DigiBoard PS-COM/4
6FE9 DigiBoard Open-Ender
6FEA DigiBoard Open-Ender RS422
6FEB DigiBoard MC/16i (16 Async ports)
6FEC DigiCHANNEL MC C/X Adapter Card
6FF0 Arnet Corporation, Multiport/2 Communications Adapter
7000 AST Advantage/2
7001 AST Advantage/2 With Dual Serial Port Option
7002 AST Advantage/2 286 With Serial & Parallel Port Option
7007 Hypertech HypeRAM 32-16
7010 Tecmar MicroRAM 386 Multifunction Board
7011 Tecmar MicroRAM Multifunction Board
7012 Net/One NIUps LAN Adapter
7016 BocaRAM Model 50/60 Memory Expansion
701A Calera Truescan OCR Adapter
7020 Cumulus 2 Meg Expanded/Extended Memory Multifunction Adapter V1.0
7021 Cumulus 4 Meg Expanded/Extended Memory Multifunction Adapter V1.0
7022 Cumulus 8 Meg Expanded/Extended Memory Multifunction Adapter V1.0
7026 Cumulus 2400 Baud Internal Modem
702F Ungermann & Bass Ethernet Adapter
7046 Alloy IMP8/PS Controller
7047 Alloy IMP2/PS Controller
7049 MICRON Beyond 50/60 Memory board
704A CPI 2400baud Modem
704E IBM Audio-Video Capture Adapter AVC for NTSC
704F NCR MPCA/MC Adapter
7057 Hypertech HypeRAM Model 50-60 8MB Expansion
7064 AW Computer Systems - RCP Adapter
706F AOX MicroMaster 386
707D Corollary 8x4mc
707E Irwin MC4100 Tape Controller
7083 AST Advantage 386 0-8MB Memory Adapter
708F Kingston KTM-8000/386 Memory Expansion Adapter
70B0 Intel Above Board MC32
70D0 Kingston KTM 16000/386 Memory Expansion Adapter
70D4 Kingston KTM 609/16 Plus 2 80286 Memory Expansion
7151 Novell NetWare NE/2-32
7154 Novell NetWare NE/2 NIC (BNC + AUI)
7188 Mountain QIC-02 Tape Controller
71D0 Kingston KTM 64/8 Memory Expansion Adapter rev C
7411 Quadboard PS/Q Multifunction Adapter (primary ID)
7422 Quadboard PS/Q Multifunction Adapter (secondary ID)
7430 XTEND MC32 Memory Expansion Board
7491 Tecmar MicroRAM SC Extended Memory Adapter
7520 ALR Micro Channel AT Embedded Adapter
7522 ALR Micro Channel AT Embedded Adapter
75FF Trantor SCSI Host Adapter
76DA QUADMEG PS/Q Memory Adapter vR1 .. ENHANCED MODE (primary)
76DE QUADMEG PS/Q Memory Adapter vR1 .. ENHANCED MODE (secondary)
7788 Intel Above Board 2 Plus
77FB Everex 4 Megabyte Memory Board EV-136
77FF Alloy HI-2 PC Expansion Bus Interface Card for the PS/2
781E Teles S0/MC ISDN Card
7A7A Boca Research BOCARAM/2 PLUS Memory Expansion Board
7E7F Acculogic SIMMply RAM 16-bit Memory
7EC0 Acculogic SIMMply RAM 32-bit Memory
7F01 Procom Technology SCSI Enabler
7F4C NCR 53C94 SCSI Controller
7F4D NCR 3421 SCSI Controller
7F4E NCR SCSI Host Adapter Board
7F4F NCR SCSI Host Adapter Board
7F99 DigiCHANNEL MC/4i or MC/8i ( 32k Mem Window)
7F9C Digichannel EM Adapter
7FAB Hypertech HypeRAM MC Extend /S
7FBE FTG PXL-480 Hi-Res Lightpen Board
7FCE Connect Tech Intellicon MC8 (Canmax CS-6060MCA)
7FD5 NCI 4700 PCI/MC
7FE9 DigiBoard Open-Ender DOS
7FEA DigiBoard MC/Xi DOS RS422
7FF9 IOMEGA PC4 Host Adapter Board
7FFA IOMEGA PC4B-50 SCSI Host Adapter Board
8009 Vermont Microsystems COBRA /2
800D PIXELWORKS PS/2 Ultra Clipper Graphics Subsystem V1.1
803B SPEA Graphiti Flash 1P Video Adapter 1MB
8044 Western Digital Imaging PRO MC Video Adapter
805B ELSA XHR Gemini/2 - 858 Video
8080 Micro Display Artist 10/16 VGA
8088 ATI 8514/Ultra + Video Adapter
8089 ATI Graphics Ultra MCA Video Accelerat (VGA enabled)
808A ATI Graphics Ultra MCA Video Accelerat (VGA disabled)
809A Number9 GXI Graphic Coprocessor
80A5 High Resolution Display
80A6 Cornerstone ImageAccel Adapter
80B3 IBM M-Motion Video Adapter /A
80B7 Radius SVGA MultiView MC
80C3 Artist Graphics - Artist XJS MC
80C5 Artist Graphics 1000 MC Series
80E6 RasterOps ColorBoard 1024MC
80EC Matrox MGA Video Adapter (V0.02)
80F6 RasterOps ColorBoard 1024MC
80F8 Matrox PG2-1281 Hi-Res Graphic Controller base board
Matrox PG2-1281 Hi-Res Graphic Controller memory board
8102 Corgraphics Corp Dual VGA
8128 SPEA Hi-Lite Video Adapter
812E NCR 3350/3355 HPG Video Adapter (w/o ROM)
8176 MVGA Multi-VGA Adapter
8D77 IBM RS/6000 32bit SCSI Adapter
8DF4 IBM Image Adapter 3MB
8DF6 IBM Image-I Adapter
8EE3 IBM RS/6000 Video Adapter (FRU# 43G06381)
8EE6 IrisVision by SGI - MC Geometry Engine
IrisVision by SGI - MC Raster Video Engine
IrisVision by SGI - 24-bit Frame Buffer
IrisVision by SGI - Optional Z-Buffer
8EF4 IBM FDDI Adapter
8EF5 IBM RS/6000 Ethernet Busmaster Adapter
8EFC IBM Fast/Wide SCSI Adapter
8EFE IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter
8EFF IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter w/Cache
8F70 IBM RIC 512K Portmaster Adapter Base card
IBM RIC Portmaster 8 x RS-232 daughtercard
8F82 IBM Fast/Wide Streaming RAID Adapter ('Cheetah')
8F93 IBM PS/2 Server Guard Adapter
8F9C IBM FDDI Copper Base Card
IBM FDDI Copper Daughter Card
8FA0 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 LAN-Streamer Adapter MC32
8FA2 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 LAN-Streamer Adapter MC32 Auto
8FA4 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 LAN-Streamer Adapter MC16
8FA8 IBM EtherStreamer MC32 Adapter
8FAA IBM Dual LANStreamer Adapter MC32
8FBB IBM Server 95 Raid Adapter ('Passplay')
8FC8 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Busmaster Server Adapter
8FD6 IBM Audiovation Adapter
8FDA IBM XGA-2 Video Adapter 1MB
8FDB IBM XGA-1 Video Adapter 1MB
8FE0 IBM WaveRunner ISDN Digital Modem
8FEB IBM Windsurfer Audio/Modem Card
90EE IBM SVGA Adapter short
D7FF IBM 4755 Cryptographic Adapter
DDFF Western Digital ESDI Adapter (WD1007-MC)
DEFF IBM Multi-Protocol Adapter
DF7F IBM 3363 Optical Disk Adapter
DFBF IBM 6157 Streaming Tape Adapter
DFF4 IBM Wireless LAN Adapter (1Mbit/s)
DFFA 5.25" Diskette Drive Adapter
DFFD IBM ST-506 MFM Harddisk (Mod. 50-021)
E000 IBM Token-Ring 4 MB/s Adapter
E001 IBM Token-Ring 16/4 MB/s Adapter (OEM by Madge 'Straight Blue' and HyperTech)
E016 IBM 300/1200/2400 Internal Modem
E04E High Speed Adapter
E04F IBM 3119 Scanner Adapter
E1FF IBM 3270 Connection Card rev B
E401 IBM Voicetype Dictation Adapter
E7FF IBM 3270 Connection Card rev A
Attachmate Advanced 3270 Adapter (secondary ID)
EDD0 IBM passive 8-port serial Adapter
EDFF IBM Internal Modem
EEE7 Serial Port No. 2
EEFF IBM Dual Asynchronous Adapter
EF7F IBM 8514/A Video Adapter
IBM 8514/A Video Adapter 512KB Memoryboard
IBM 8514/A Video Adapter 1MB Memoryboard
EF7F ELSA Winner /2 - 1024 (incl. 8514/A Emulation)
EFCD IBM Wide Area Connector (WAC)
EFCF IBM Store Loop Adapter rev A
EFD8 IBM DCBS Display Adapter /J (Japanese)
EFDA IBM Two Slots PCMCIA Adapter
EFDC IBM ActionMedia II Display Adapter (OEM of Intel DS2 Adapter)
EFDF ARCNET controller: ASTER/2
EFE2 IBM PS/2 FaxConcentrator Adapter
EFE5 IBM PS/2 Ethernet Networks Adapter rev A
EFEF IBM PC Network Baseband / Broadband Adapter
EFF0 IBM Realtime Interface Co-processor Multiport/2 or X.25 /2
EFF5 AT&T/NCR StarLAN 10 Network MC-100 Ethernet LA Adapter
EFF6 IBM 4216 Postscript Pageprinter Adapter
IBM 4216 Postscript Pageprinter Adapter Memoryboard
EFF8 IBM TTL Async Communications Adapter
EFFE IBM Display Adapter II /J (Japanese) Version 1.10
EFFE IBM Display Adapter III /J (Japanese)
F04F IBM 3117 Scanner Adapter rev A
F7F7 IBM 2-8MB 80286 XMA Memory Expansion w/ ROM
FAFF IBM 2-6MB 80386 Memory Expansion 32bit
FCF0 Multi-I/O 1ser 1par (various brands)
FCFF IBM 2-8MB 80386 Memory Expansion
FDDE IBM Enhanced 4-14MB 80386 Memory Expansion w/ ROM
FDDF IBM 2-14MB 80386 Memory Expansion (downlevel card)
FDDF IBM 4-14MB 80386 Enhanced Memory Expansion (last level)
FEFE IBM 1-2MB 80286 Memory Expansion 16bit
FEFE MIO-card 2s/1p + Mem, long card (unknown manufacturer)
FFF8 IBM S36/38 Workstation Emulation Adapter
Non-Standard ID's
Card ID Description
QQQQ NI9210 Micro Channel Network Controller
ALPHA 128K Cache Module
ALR7340 Internal Options
ALR7511 Internal Options
ALR8087 Internal Options
IBMSCSI IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter w/Cache
PDFFF Built In Features
PE3FF Built In Features
PF3FF Built In Features
PF7FF Built In Features
PF9FF Built In Features
PFBFF Built In Features
PFCFF Built In Features
PFDFF Built In Features
PFEFF Built In Features
PFF6F Built In Features
PFFAF Built In Features
PFFF9 Built In Features
SYS0000 Internal Options
SYS0011 C&T Internal Features
SYS0012 C&T Internal Features
SYS00FF FF drive type
SYS01FF FF drive type
Cards without ID's
IBM 92F1319 Model 95XP LED Panel
IBM 92F0259 Server 95A LED Panel
PS/2 Model 80 1MB Memory Daughter Card
PS/2 Model 80 2MB Memory Daughter Card
PS/2 Model 80 2MB Memory Daughter Card by Kingston
PS/2 Model 80 4MB Memory Daughter Card
PS/2 Model 80 4MB Memory Daughter Card by CUMULUS
PS/2 Model 80 4MB Memory Daughter Card by Hypertech
IBM 256K Level-2 cache 17ns module FRU 64F0199 (Type-1 cpu)
IBM 256K Level-2 cache 12ns module FRU 92F0050 (92F0048 only !)
IBM 256K Level-2 WB-cache module FRU 06H3307 (77i / 77s)
IBM 256K Level-2 Cache FRU 06H3307 (Server 320/520 MCA)
IBM 1MB Video Memory expansion FRU 82G1794 (77i / 77s)
IBM PS/2 Mod. 70/80 486DX-33 Upgrade, FRU 92F0436
Hypertech Hyperace Mod. 70/80 486DX-33 Upgrade
IBM 486SLC2 Processor Upgrade 8556/8557
IBM 486LSC3 Processor Upgrade 9556/9557
PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 04G3884 (386DX-20)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 92F0065 (486SX-20)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 64F0201 (486DX-25)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 64F0198 (486DX-33)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 64F0198 (old version "1")
PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 64F0198 (old version "2")
PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 92F0145 (486DX2-66)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-1, FRU 92F0048 (486DX-50)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-2, FRU 92F0079 (486SX-25)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-2, FRU 92F0161 (486DX2-25/50)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-3, FRU 57F1579 (486DX-50)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-4, FRU 61G2343 (486DX2-33/66)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-4, FRU 52G9362 (Pentium 60)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-4, FRU 92F0120 (Pentium 66)
PS/2 CPU TYPE-4, FRU 06H3739 (Pentium 90)
PC Server 720 CPU-board FRU 75H9686 (Pentium 133)
PC Server 720 CPU-board FRU 75H9686 (Pentium 166)
PC Server 720 CPU-board FRU 76H7147 (Pentium 200)
PC Server 720 Bridge Adapter, FRU 07H1107
PC Server 720 Memory Adapter, FRU 71G0696