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Due to the often found misunderstanding of the online help service provided by PLASMA online here are some statements:

1. PLASMA online does NOT sell / buy any hardware / software.
2. PLASMA online is not affiliated with any manufacturer featured on this site. It is indeed true that Christian Korner works for IBM.
3. PLASMA online does NOT provide 24 / 7 / 365 support business. Online help is just a convenience feature.

Before sending any request by the linked form or by using your own mail program use the guided tour.
It covers most of the topics often asked like "How to identify my mainboard etc..."

Guided tour

Just another hint. PLASMA online features a simple listing of commonly asked drivers, manuals and spec sheets.

Short driver, manual, spec sheet list

Please be aware that answering your requests takes time. Our time. Most likely we can answer your request. Ask yourself
how much an useful answer is worth to you: 1$, 5$, more ?
Every reply contains a weblink to PayPal which is our preferred partner to transfer small amounts of money free of charge.
All major credit cards are accepted. Neither you nor us pay any fees.

Finally: The link to our request form / support mail address