almanach OS operating system

Microsoft DOS (MS-DOS) based on QDOS by Tim Paterson
1.0 released 1981 by IBM
2.0 1983, support for harddisks up to 16MB
2.1 supports harddisks up to 32MB
3.3 support for HD partitions (restricted to 32MB each)
4.0 support for partitions up to 512MB
5.0 support for partitions up to 2GB
6.0 v5.0 with DoubleSpace disk compression, compatibility problems
6.2 v5.0 with DoubleSpace, bugs fixed, v6.1 skipped due to IBM DOS 6.1
6.21 DoubleSpace removed due to patent lawsuit with Stacker Corp.
6.22 with DriveSpace disk compression, some minor bug fixes
7.x included in Windows95
1.0 same as MS-DOS 1.0
6.1 same as MS-DOS 6.0 without disk compression but major bug fixes
6.3 v6.1 with PCMCIA and Power Management support
Digital Research DOS (DR-DOS)
Windows 1.x
Windows 2.x
Windows 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.11
Windows 95 "Chicago"
Windows 98 "Memphis"

WINDOWS NT (Microsoft)
I. RSX -> VMS (digital) -> ELN -> NT all major designs of David Cutler
II. VMS +1 letter = WNT (Windows NT) (aka HAL and IBM in 2001 - Space odyssey)
Windows NT 3.0 (1990)
Windows NT 3.1 (27.07.1993, visual nearly identical to OS/2 1.3 but mostly based on DEC designs by D. Cutler)
Windows NT 3.5 "Daytona"
Windows NT 3.51 (NTFS compression, PCMCIA support)
Windows NT 4.0 (1996) "Cairo"
Windows 2000 (NT 5.0)
Windows 2000 (NT 6.0 consumer) "Neptune"
Windows 2000 (NT 6.0 business) "Odyssey"
Windows XP (XP - Experience, some state XP stands for X [Chi] P [Rho] which spells CAIRO)
  Windows XP Media Center (code name Freestyle)
  Windows XP Tablet PC edition
  Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment, 'XP lite')
Windows XP 2.0 ("Longhorn", "Yukon" technology, new file system, 2004)
  build 4008 milestone 3
  build 4015 milestone 4
  build 4029 milestone 5
  build 4051 Microsoft PDC Oct 2003
Windows.NET 1.0 ("Whistler", merged projects Neptune and Odyssey)
Windows.NET 2.0 ("Blackcomb", Peer-to-Peer, complete rewrite of code, "Palladium" DRM security, 2006)
Windows CE 2.0
  CE 2.0
  CE 2.10
  CE 2.11
  CE 2.12
Windows CE 3.0
  Stinger (Windows CE 3.0 for mobile phones)
Windows CE.NET
Windows CE.NET 4.1 "Jameson", IPv6 support
Windows CE.NET 4.2 "McKendric", VoIP, firewall, WLAN support
Windows CE.NET 5.0 "Macallan"
  Windows CE for Smart Displays v1.0 ('Mira', intel XScale, 802.11b WLAN, Jan 2003)
  Windows CE for Smart Displays v1.5 (Scheduled for end 2003, dropped for v2.0)
  Windows CE for Smart Displays v2.0 (Scheduled for 2004, canceled in Dec 2003)
Pocket PC 2000
Pocket PC 2002
Pocket PC 2003 'Ozone', WLAN, Bluetooth, CE.NET 4.2 core
Pocket PC 2005 'Magneto', Cel Phone support
NGWS (Next Generation Windows Services)
Commerce Server 2000 Enterprise (code name Thorium)
Commerce Server NET (code name Casbah)
Exchange Server NET (code name Titanium)
Visual Studio NET 2 (code name Everett)

Compqa Tru64 (former D/UX [Digital UNIX])
COSIX (chinese Tru64)
HP-UX (Hewlett-Packard UNIX)
IBM AIX 4.3 (24-way SMP, max 96GB RAM, limited 64bit API support)
IBM AIX 5.0 ('Project Monterey', L - Linux API support [PowerPC and Power 4 only, x86 support canceled])
IBM AIX 5L 5.1 (Power 4, 32-way SMP, max 256GB RAM, rudimentary static logical partitions, full 64bit kernel and drivers)
IBM AIX 5L 5.2 (support for dynamic logical partitions, multipath I/O, new workload manager, eLiza self-healing enhancements)
IBM AIX 5L 5.3 (64-way SMP, max 512GB RAM, NUMA support ?)
MacOS X 1.0
SCO UnixWare
SCO OpenServer
Unisoft V7 UNIX

SunOS 1.x
SunOS 3.0 (first to support SUN-3)
SunOS 4.0 (supports i386, Sun SPARC)
SunOS 4.0.2 (last version to support i386 although 4.0.3beta exists w/ OpenLook 2.0)
SunOS 4.0.3 (last version to support SUN-2)
SunOS 4.1.1U1 (last version to support SUN-3)
SUN Solaris

Netware 3.x
Netware 4.x
Netware 5.x
DENIM (directory enabled net infrastructure model) -> management, content, portal services

OpenStep (x86)

early versions of MacOS at
Versions prior 6.0 are available at
MacOS 6.0.x
MacOS 7.0
MacOS 7.1
MacOS 7.5.x
MacOS 7.6.x (bug fix and PPC update of 7.5.x)
MacOS 8
MacOS 9
MacOS 9.2 'MoonLight'
MacOS 9.3 'StarLight'
Copland (successor of MacOS, canceled 1997)
Rhapsody (MacOS with Mach 3.0 - kernel [NextStep])
MacOS X (10.x)
  X 10.0 'Cheetah' (Aqua [GUI], Darwin [kernel], 3 graphic APIs [OpenGL, Quicktime, Quartz], 3 APIs [Classic (former BlueBox), Carbon, Cocoa (former YellowBox/OPENstep)])
  X 10.1 'Puma', update to 10.0 / 'Orient'
  X 10.2 'Jaguar'
  X 10.2.2 Journaling File System 'Elvis' (see Apple knowledge base for details)
  X 10.3 'Panther'
  X 10.4 'Tiger'
  X 10.5 'Leopard'

Darwin (Apple Open source OS project [OpenStep based])

BeOS /
BeOS 4
BeOS 4.5
BeOS 5 ('Maui'-Update, CDDA-FS)
Stinger ("embedded" BeOS)
BeOS 5.1beta (latest release before Be was sold to Palm)

OS/2 1.0
OS/2 1.3 (16bit, last release of IBM + Microsoft, used by Microsoft as base of NT 3.1)
OS/2 2.0 (32bit, 31.03.1992)
OS/2 2.11
OS/2 3.0 (IBM / Microsoft focus release for 32bit, canceled 1991, IBM developed OS/2 2.0 and Microsoft NT 3.1)
OS/2 Warp v3
OS/2 Warp v3 with WIN-OS/2
OS/2 Warp Connect v3 (v3.01)
OS/2 Warp Connect v3 with WIN-OS/2
OS/2 Warp v4 w/ VoiceType ('Merlin')
OS/2 Warp Server v4
OS/2 Warp Server Advanced v4 (SMP enabled)
OS/2 Warp Server for e-business
OS/2 Warp w/ Convenience Pack (v4.5)
OS/2 Warp v5 ('Gandalf', never released)
eComStation (OS/2 w/ Convenience Pack 1 + 2)
eComStation v1.2

IBM OS/390 (runs on AS/390)
IBM OS/400 (runs on AS/400)



Banyan VINES


realtime OS's
RealTime 3.0 by Lineo


PalmOS 1.0 (3Com)
PalmOS 2.0
PalmOS 3.0
PalmOS 4.0 (14.Dec 2000)
PalmOS 5.0 (10.Jun 2002, ARM-7 support, Multitasking, 320x320 VGA, 16bit audio)
PalmOS 6.0 ('Sahara', PIM, .NET runtime, BeOS multimedia, wireless support, Multi threading)

EPOC (Symbian)

Security informations
CBOS 1.x
CBOS 2.x.x (see this website for several vulnerabilities)
IOS 12.x (see this website for several vulnerabilities)